Chease and wine are indispensable to each other. Fortunately, the region will enable you to discover them together. The cheese, under the Soumaintrain (11 km) and Chaource (30 km) appellations, can easily be found under its farmhouse form.
The cheese museum in Chaource will enable you to discover a broader set of fabrication methods, some of them belonging to other French cheese-producing regions.
The wineyards with Chablis (25km), Irancy, St Bris, Coulanges and Côtes d’Auxerre appellations produce white wines with mineral flavours, and fruity red wines that you may enjoy as an accompaniment for the Troyes speciality: the andouillette or with Burgondy mushrooms…
Finally, the cider road will make you wander through the Othe forest where apple trees are famous.

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